Craftsbury, so far…

Craftsbury, so far…

I know I’ve been really bad at updating my blog. So I’m trying to make it a point that I just write, like maybe every night or once every 2-3 nights, not allowing myself to click on the other tabs or be distracted, don’t proof read and just hit “publish”. Maybe that will get the groove going.

Honestly, I feel a bit bad about admitting to the fact that I’ve been lazy about the blog, the videos on SportsGalaShow and I can’t remember what else I admit being lazy to. I’m thinking like, what will people think when they read it? That I’ve attempted to start this YouTube thing and just suddenly got lazy and give up on it? But then again, I didn’t say that I was going to give up on it. I’m just taking a break and the break is longer than expected. Similar to my rowing.


I enjoyed interacting with the camp participants and I wasn’t even part of the camp! The best part about the camp is to see these masters in their 40s/50s/60s picking up something new, or spending this whole week doing nothing but rowing and eating. All these people from all over the country coming here to row. It’s just crazy. And to hear them talk about rowing, how they love it, it reminds me that rowing is not always about the competition. And they are so nice to me, and the wisdom they share, the things they say. It just makes you feel good to be surrounded by genuine, good-natured beings.

I see the elite rowers eating together, hanging out together and I don’t even feel a tinge of, “I wish I was part of that”. Maybe I’m all grown up now and ready to move forward with my life.

Maybe not.

Like I said, I still have not made up my mind yet. I might give it another shot but right now trying to get into a sport psychology course in a UK university. and hopefully be able to kick start my rowing career again. If not, I will definitely start cross-country skiing.

First proper coaching session tomorrow, I’m excited.

But honestly, I’m not sure if I would ever do this rowing thing full-time.


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