On 10th Jan, I have decided to embark on a 100 days journey to working on something I’ve never done before- that is to be able to do a handstand. I have attempted a few days last year with the help of a callisthenics coach but unfortunately, my shoulder dislocated in February so that goal had to be postponed.

I have decided to give myself 100 days, which seems like a realistic number of days to achieve something crazy. I will put at least 30mins each day into working on this goal.

At the end of 100 days, I will turn 30 and by then, I hope to be able to do an handstand.

I know- 30 sounds pretty scary but at least I know I’ve made the most out of my 20-something-hood. Like doing a handstand, what else could be more fulfilling?

I think it’s a lot to conquer when you set yourself a goal. That’s why I’m inviting everyone to embark on this #100daysofme journey with me. Set a goal for yourself and spend some time every single day for 100days working towards this goal. It could be anything- Rob’s on a 100push ups for 100days. My mum’s starting a clean eating journey, you could work on spending 30mins a day playing your new musical instrument, or try a new recipe each day, or meet someone new every day!

I am sure that there is alot that you can learn from this journey, I don’t have a doubt about that. And when you learn, you grow. When you push yourself to do something uncomfortable, you grow. When you grow, you become wiser, stronger, a better version of you. Isn’t that the purpose of life? To be the best version of yourself every single day?

The most common new year resolution is to get fit/lose weight, so why not start now? I’d post my progress on my handstand and motivational post to get you going if you decide to join me in my journey.

Anyway, on day 1, I was stuck in Dublin on a day trip but I started my #100daysofme journey by reading up on ways to do a handstand. Yeah, these people on the internet, making it look so easy.

Today is day 2 and I’ve done wrist stretches to get used to being on my hands and doing some 30s planks putting my feet up on a sofa. (I can’t upload photos on my blog right now but follow my Instagram stories on @Ariesyah for day to day updates).

To a brand new us this brand new year.

Embracing my last few days being 20something,


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