Sports Gala Show

Sports Gala Show

I’ve recently created this new show called the Sports Gala Show. Here are the links to it:




I have been wanting to start this podcast a few months ago but I’ve been giving myself too many excuses like can’t stand hearing my own voice, not having enough time (the worst excuse someone can ever come up with) and I don’t know how to do it (second worst excuse). But then I realised that Singaporeans don’t really listen to podcasts. Well, I am not a statistician neither have I looked this up (which makes me realise how am I going to be a good entrepreneur if I can’t even conduct some simple market research?) but I went by my general feel that Singaporeans would rather watch videos. Especially now that you see more videos being reposted and shared as opposed to statuses. I kinda miss reading people’s statuses.

So I decided on a YouTube/Podcast show since someone told me that I can convert my videos into audios and just upload them.

I still hate hearing my voice and I still hate speaking in front of the camera on my own, but it is only by doing these things that are uncomfortable that I can learn something new.

Scheduling the interviews can be a nightmare because I had to consider my schedule as well as my cameraman’s schedule (who happened to be my bf and I had to borrow his camera and his camera skills) and the schedule of the person that I was going to interview.

The interviewing process is fun though. I’ve interviewed a few athletes, current ones, retired ones, I’ve interviewed people who work with athletes too. I think I’ve found a calling for my next phase in life. I really enjoy listening to stories because everyone has something to share with the world that other people can learn from. I want to be the provider of these stories.

Anyway, after all the fun part, comes the editing. I am definitely taking a step outside my comfort zone with this. Editing is not only painful to hear my voice over and over and over again but also a pain. I have a new found respect for people who edit videos.

I know it’s all like a one may show right now that is why the uploading of videos is still very inconsistent, the quality of the interviews are terrible although the content is good. There is so, so much for me to learn and I am excited for this new journey!

Now I have all these raw video clips in my laptop waiting for me to edit them. Even people like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire start being a terrible podcaster now he’s a pretty big deal. So we all gotta start somewhere.

Don’t forget to watch to my videos or listen to them on Soundcloud or iTunes and subscribe and give me a comment or two on how I can do better and what you want to see/hear about.



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