I know it’s only been like 4 weeks since I got the triathlon bug but I’ve already been smashing my PBs. LOL. I did my first “time trial” with Fitness First @ Capitol Tower on 4 July 2017 and my results for 15mins for each station were:

Swim: 200m

Bike: 6.5km

Run: 3.13km

Today, I told myself this will be the last hard session before I taper down for the race and went for the “time trial” again.

Swim: 600m

Bike: 7.7km

Run: 3.23km

The instructor @ FF, Jaime, who was one of the first few people who gave me hope in this first triathlon journey, was really impressed by my swimming improvement. I have to admit, my technique is probably shit. But I guess from not being able to complete a single lap without stopping to doing 600m non-stop in 4 weeks is pretty damn good.

5 days to race day. x

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