Give what you can;

Give what you can;

I have always wanted to give back to the community, so I jumped on the opportunity this year when I received a voucher from Cotton On Body Australia for my collaboration with them on their March campaign. Read the blog posts here, here and here!

It also coincided with my 29th birthday so what better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway!!! 

The campaign ended yesterday and the response was well, honestly, not as bad as I expected. I was afraid that I wouldn’t receive any submissions because putting your dream out there isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do. It takes a whole lot of courage to tell the world your dreams. Because I’ve been there. I’ve been in a situation where I was afraid of telling others about my goals because I felt embarrassed. Like what if I don’t reach my goals? Will I look like a failure to these people?

Then I realized that it is not about what others think but it is all about how much you believe in your goals. I used to be obsessed about what others will think of me (and I think I still slightly am, but I’m working on it). I used to wonder if I’m good enough to be saying these things. Like who cares about my goals and dreams, why do I have to announce it to the world? Thing is, no-one cares. But it’s okay. I like putting it out there so that I will do something about it. To me, if a goal is just a mere thought in your head, there is a big chance it will continue to be a thought in your head! But if you throw it out there for everyone to see, you change your dream into actions.

I’ve never really thought that one day I would be standing here having the power to inspire people. To know that there are others out there who are injured and who look up to me on how I dealt with my dislocated shoulder, that’s huge, you know?

Because that period of time when I was injured and I could do nothing but cycling, it was absolutely hard. And now I’m almost reaching that full recovery phase (although we all know that no-one fully recovers from a dislocated shoulder) but it is back to normal training now. So I’m really glad I pressed on. And I’m grateful that whole lot of patience inspired others to do the same. Work hard and be patient. Well, there is no other way around it, is there?

Thank you to all those brave, courageous posts on your dreams. You know, it doesn’t matter if your goal is to be a champion in your school or to make it to the Olympics. As long as you have a dream, be proud of it and work hard to get it.

Can’t wait to go shopping for Cotton On stuff for the winners x

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