A whole pile of patience.

A whole pile of patience.


This is my excited face.

So news is that I dislocated my shoulder again two days ago. You don’t want to know how I did it, trust me. Just believe me when I say that it wasn’t from trying to be to a hero or pushing myself too hard on the boat or in the gym or on the bike, or from carrying the bricks that I keep in my bag- nope, nothing like that. In fact, considering that I try to push my limits at times, I have been playing the cards safely this time. I’ve been really obedient and good and I deserve a pat on my shoulder and a lolly.

I’ve been cycling on the stationary bike almost every day for 5 weeks now. Everyday except on Thursdays and Sundays. It is absolutely mundane but I’ve finished a whole season of Billions and listening to heaps of podcasts and audiobooks. Currently, I’m listening to The Secret Olympian. There’s just something captivating about audiobooks and you might get so hooked to the really good ones that if you’re listening to it while driving and even if you’ve reached your destination, you’d stay in the car just for a few more minutes until the chapter is over. Like The Girl on the Train is one you should listen to if you want to give Audiobooks a try. Autobiographies narrated by the author him/herself are pretty addictive too. I remember listening to the whole 8hrs of Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody in one day! I enjoy planning the duration of my TV series/podcasts/audiobooks based on the length of my training session. Well, come to think of it, being injured and having to plan my programme and my sources of entertainment have made me a more organized person, so yay to a better Aisyah!

Anyway, back to my melancholic days of cycling. So yes, I started lifting weights last week, on my arms- YES! But of course, not above my shoulders. I was doing exercises like bench pulls and bent over rows. I was even doing a push up plank. And omg. I was sitting on the rowing machine too. The numbers displayed on the screen were not important (like those on the weighing scale which I try not to step on every morning). But I’ve never been any happier being able to sit on that stupid rowing machine. I never have imagined myself saying this in this lifetime. But of course, seeing how weak my arms have become and how the numbers on the screen that weren’t supposed to mean anything at this moment cut me deep. It makes me feel like all those days when I just sit on the erg have gone to waste.

Of course, you’d say that they will not go to waste because I know now what it takes to get back there and it should be easier now. But of course that there’s little devil inside of me which says, “WE’RE BACK TO SQUARE ONE, BITCH. muahahaha.” And then I start to feel sad.

I had my first run in a month on Monday. I ran for 30mins on the treadmill, in my brand new Kayanos. It wasn’t fast but boy oh boy it felt sooooooooo good.

And yes, my shoulder dislocated the next day. Lol.

To be honest, I don’t even know if it was dislocated. It was just excruciating and I was literally wailing in pain, you have to ask my housemate about this- I WAS WAILING.

I spent most of my day yesterday brooding and it felt pretty damn good. Just lying in bed while it was pissing with rain outside. Pondering over life and its mischiefs. Thinking where this path might lead to and what else life has in store for me. IT FELT BLOODY GOOD TO FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF.

And then I got tired of it. That was when I sat on the bike for 2 hours today. #win

I’ve been cycling in the altitude chamber for 3 weeks now. AB says there are more benefits of cycling in the  chamber than doing it in my room so I signed up for a membership. I remembered my first session in the chamber took me 4 days to recover. I thought it was the age catching up. This week, other than the day I dislocated my shoulder, I’ve been heading there every day. Wee! I don’t particularly enjoy the lower amount of o2 in that chamber while I cycle because it makes training harder, but I guess, you just have to see the good in the situation to be able to push yourself through the hard times.

There you go. Aisyah’s back (almost) and you know I’ll be back stronger, fitter and better than ever. Thank you for sending the love, guys.



Thanks Peter for sending me to the hospital 🙂

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