She believe she could, so she did.

She believe she could, so she did.

I was meant to write something inspirational during Women’s International Day which happened last week but I didn’t. But then I realized, we don’t have to wait for one day to celebrate being a woman. I’m proud to be a woman every single day. I guess the day resonates well with me because I grew up in a household with 4 brothers where I had to do most of the cleaning just because I’m a girl. Of course, most of the time I didn’t end up cleaning but that’s not the point, is it?

My mum thought she’d bring up the most hardworking daughter who’d clean the house every week and cook the tastiest dishes for the family, does the laundry without winching and covers herself obediently from head to toe. Turns out my mum’s only daughter was nothing she had ever imagined. The hardworking part, she got it right but not when it came to doing the household chores-no way.

Sometimes, being such a rebel worries me because if I have a daughter who is like me, I’d ground her.

Anyway, yes, I had to breakout of that “normal” daughter mould growing up and created an identity for myself. To be honest, I never really experienced that infamous “identity crisis” phase that everyone tells about just to have a reason to blame something for the way they are today. For me, it has always been about showing how great I am in sports- whether it was in netball or silat or soccer or touch rugby or even captain’s ball. I created my identity by following my passion.

Anyway, I’m glad (really glad) things turn out the way they did. My mum was skeptical of my future as a rower and all I wanted to do was prove her wrong. Now I’m making her proud.

If I had a wish for every single female being out there, I’d wish for every one of us to stand up for ourselves. We don’t need other’s to tell us how to live our lives, sometimes, not even our parents should determine how we should run our lives. And especially not our partners. I’m not encouraging women to be rude and disobedient and disloyal. I am encouraging women to be brave and courageous and strong.

So, what are you waiting for? x


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