Letting Go;

Letting Go;

I know its been forever since I updated my blog and being really busy is a terrible excuse, but I have been very busy, really!

But now that I’ve decided to take no-pay leave from work from April to August, life has been pretty good so far! Yeah, so I finally deided to take the risk of not earning for the next 4 months (it did shock my mum terribly!) but I assured her (and myself) that it will be worth it. Hopefully the government and other generous individuals and companies will be willing to fund for my trainings and competitions. The respond from companies who want to sponsor/supply me with their products have been great (Alhamdullilah) so let’s see how this year goes!

It took me quite a while to consider taking the no-pay leave but I guess I had to because working full time and having a full time training schedule is really, really hard to juggle, and having to make the people around me happy, it ended up with me not being happy with my llife! I got really tired after coming back from Japan especially. I wasn’t being very efficient at work, neither was I performing on water. So, I had to let go of something. >_<

So I’m in Sydney now (photo above was taken on top of a cliff at Manly Beach- oh, how much memories Manly brings!) For the first time in a year the association is paying for my flight tickets! I was here early on Monday morning, collected the car I rented (which again for the first time in my life the association is paying for the car too! Nick Garratt, head coach of Mosman Rowing Club said, “Everything is good when you get good results aye?”) So yes, the car. Being a total noob in cars, my 286cm long oars couldnt fit into the car so i had to leave them at the airport and later my coach had to pick them up. Champion.

Training had been tough, have to get used to hard training (and racing) again. Being back in SG had made me weak- I hate to admit it but training alone in Singapore for most of the days didn’t help. I picked up my old habits in rowing, my back injury deteriorated, I became slower. (It hurts to know that I’m obviously slower and weaker in many ways than when I left Sydney last year, so I shan’t talk about it now, not the night before my races.)

We’re now staying over at The Vines Holiday Cottages, around 15mins away from the Regatta Centre. A pretty nice accommodation, comes with 2 large and overly friendly dogs, 2 horses which scares me because they are friendly too, 4 chickens and a lazy cat. Feels like a farm stay to me!

So far everything has been going good, except the weight (omg, sometimes I don’t know how I manage to be 58+kg during the SEA Games period last year!!) and sometimes you know whether you’re ready for a race or not. Like during the SEA Games, I was so prepared, so confident of my abilities, I felt unstoppable, undefeatable, when I landed in Myanmar, I knew I was going to go home with a Gold medal. You know, sometimes you just know. But oh well. Sometimes, you just have to “go jer”, make the best out of what you have.


The Australian National Champs starts tomorrow and my race will be at 4:05pm (Aussie time). Will try my best to keep you updated!

Cheers (lol! Cheers sey)


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