You fight for what you believe in.

You fight for what you believe in.

So news is that Rowing is very likely to be in the SEA Games although its not confirmed that it’s in but it’s in- that sort of thing. Whatever it is I AM SO HAPPY that I get to finally row on home waters but thinking about it, it might have its disadvantages but I don’t want to take it that way. I hope that having Rowing in the SEA Games would mean more people coming forward to try out the sport and having the desire to represent the nation. YAY YAY.

The distance won’t be a full 2000m like how a standard race should be but I reckon whether it’s 500m or 1000m, as long as I get to row in the Games, I’m grateful. And please, please, please don’t ask me things like, “So in the 2013 SEA Games, you only managed to catch up with the Thailand rower at the 1500m, will you be able to beat her then when the distance is shorter?”

I think its a very irrelevant question, really.

A little yellow bird told me that because its a different race distance, by right I would not be “defending my title”, which is true. So, I’m gonna, WIN MORE GOLD MEDALS and leave it to the 2017 SEA Games to defend my 2000m title. can? 🙂

But whatever it is, preparation starts NOW, recruiting a full (Awesome-packed) team starts NOW and training for the Games start NOW. 16 months, here we go!

(Singapore Rowing Association is also recruiting Officials for the Games. You can contact


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