Explore, Dream, Discover.

Explore, Dream, Discover.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.”


Read this quote and was wondering why am I still sitting here at my desk.

I’ve been really tired. (I know I shouldn’t be complaining and yes, my coach even announced to the world that I complain alot and it’ll do me good if I just shut up and train. Yes, Goken-san, thank you for that.) But really. I AM DRAINED. I’ve been so tired lately giving 100% to work and another 99% to training (which should NEVER be the case because training > work!!!) that my face is like —-

Jaded. Ultra mega burger super jaded.

That leaves me with 1% for other things in life like…social activities.

I have a list of people I am dying to meet and I’m not saying this to tell you that I’m popular or famous or feeling-feeling celebrity at the moment because I’m NONE of the above and choose NOT to be called Superstar in any way at all (in fact I cringe whenever someone calls me that *throws a look at some particular people*) , but its just that I haven’t seen some people since I left for Sydney in September last year- yes Septemberrrr! 🙁

And don’t even get me started on missing weddings- I even missed my own brother’s wedding last year! It’s no wonder people stop inviting me to their weddings. It’s really, really sad, but I guess it’s just part of being an athlete, is it?
Is it really?
10 years and I haven’t mastered the art of balancing work-training-life.

And it scares me that sometimes I am too tired to train or I’ll get lazy and find excuses not to train, which is an awful, awful thing to do! This is terrible. This is a disaster!!!!! SAY NO TO BEING A LAZY BUM!

Why am I complaining? Because I think it’s natural for people to rant (especially Singaporeans, and also because I am a female and females generally complain more, no?) and I’m just doing what is normal and I think I need an outlet sometimes. And also because people should know that it is really, really not easy having to train full-time and work full-time. I wish Singapore would just pay me to row and my life would be butterflies, unicorns and rainbows.

And I also think that I need to let it out because I have been showing mega signs of being stressed out (according to Women’s Health Mag). I am showing 4 out of 6 signs of being stressed- how scary is that! And recently, I’m having a pimple breakout which hardly ever occurs! GAAAAH.


Time to take action and rule the world.
Time to be awesome possum again.


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