Everybody has to start somewhere;

Everybody has to start somewhere;

(Photo was taken in 2004 at the Singapore National Machine Rowing Competition. We were representing Bukit Panjang Govt High School at the event and I think we won- look at our happy faces.)  

I thought it would be nice to tell the world that I didn’t start out being fit and strong and looking like a Champion (or even a Princess). In fact I was a nerd, a Netball captain, a school councillor, a Triple Science student who scored straight As for her O Levels and was quite fat.

Everybody has to start somewhere,
to get where they want to be.

Mine started 10 years ago when I started rowing on the machine with a few friends and one by one they left because rowing was “uncool” and the training centre was “ulu”.

Maybe, yours will start this weekend when you sit for your first machine rowing trials. Who knows?

Singapore Rowing Association Machine Rowing Trials

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