You are what you eat- I’M A MEGA BURGER!

You are what you eat- I’M A MEGA BURGER!

I love love love Swenson’s Mega Burger- with 2 pieces of buttered buns, stuffed in between them a thick, juicy piece of beef patty, layered with crunchy onions and melting cheese, with a generous serving of turkey bacon slices, all stacked on top of each other so messily, the more messy, the more i love it.

Skip the fries. Gobble up the coleslaw.


But in the other 364 days of your life, try to adopt a healthy living lifestyle. HAHA!

In other parts of the story, basically, in life, all you gotta do is to DO WHAT YOU LOVE. I truly believe that it is really important to make ourselves happy sometimes- like eating Mega Burger. Like going for a short getaway to an exotic island on your own. Like dancing naked in the toilet singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough at the top of your lungs. Like chasing after your dreams no mater how unattainable you think it is. Like not giving a damn about what people think about you. #YOLO guys. You only live once- make the most out of it.

And if you wake up not loving what you do and not doing what you love, get out of it. Seriously. Don’t waste another day doing something you don’t enjoy.

Thanks Khai Amri for the coffee and this amazing article. Love how honest it is-HAHA.

Here’s a link to the article


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