If I’m a Star, then the people made me a star – Marilyn Monroe

If I’m a Star, then the people made me a star – Marilyn Monroe

On Friday, 10 Jan, I was invited to a lunch-reception-award-ceremony-kind-of-thing by The Straits Times because they selected me as the Star of the Month for December. BIG THING YA’LL. I mean, since the win, many new things have been happening in my life, I’ve never been interviewed so many times before, my face (either oily, crying or downright unglamorous) is on the news almost every other week, people are actually interested to know about me and rowing, strangers have been saying Hi! to me in public or the shy ones will just give me a second glance and smile, kind souls have generously “donated” some money to me. The past few weeks have been exciting! Really tiring, but exciting. But thing is, I didn’t really expect all these to happen! All I wanted was to win that Gold medal! Everything else is like a bonus, an end-year bonus that makes you happy temporarily and then seems to fade away as soon as you pay all the bills and what nots. HAHA.

Okay, so the lunch/award cermony was held at Porterhouse @ Killiney. It was a combined award ceremony with November’s Star of the Month, a 14-year-old Wushu girl who won a World event recently, which is amazing because she is so young! But I did not really talk to her so I’m really sorry I don’t know her name 🙁 The lunch was sponsored by 100 Plus, so the Director of F&N was there, so was the lady in-charge of its marketing, media, commmunications kind of thing. They were sitting at my lunch table, together with VP of Editorial at SPH and ST Chief Editor. Big names! Nice to know that all these people were women! #SoProudToBeAWoman

100 Plus gave me a hamper which has a few bottles of the isotonic drink, a towel, a shoebag and some other collectables/accessories. And ST awarded me with the Star of the Month trophy with my name printed on it. LOVVIT! What’s best about receiving this award is that it makes me grateful that all my hard work has been rewarded, and it doesn’t really have to be in monetary terms all the time. I’m not saying this just because I want to seem all nice and “correct” but all I really want is to make Rowing a BIG THING in Singapore, I really do. Rowing has developed me into this person I am today, and I want to give back to the sport as much as I can so that more people can experience what’s it like to be a rower. Trust me, Rowing is more than just a sport.

Wah, well said like a true sportswoman. Hahaha.

I don’t see myself as a star but I see myself as someone who is determined to kick you butt if you don’t stop complaining.

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