Every revolution begins with a spark – The Hunger Games

Every revolution begins with a spark – The Hunger Games

On Saturday, 11 Jan, the President of the Rowing Association invited a generous guy over for lunch at the Republic of Singapore Yatch Club (RSYC). Mr Hansen Bay, Programme Director of Athlete Development Pte Ltd has kindly presented me with a cheque to fund for my trainings and competitions as well as provided the rowing team with some exercise equipment. Mr Bay wanted to help me because he believes in supporting local talents. I am so grateful to have met him, his wife and collegue because they are such amazing people and I reckon, Singapore needs more people like them! Not to give me money, of course not. HAHA! But we need more people who has a passion for sports and helping others. That way, Singapore Sports will definitely grow and true-blue Singaporeans will be willing to give their all in sports instead of worrying whether sports will give them a future or not. That’s the problem we have in our society today. I have met far too many people who tell me that they wouldn’t want to raise their kids to play sports competitively at a higher level because there is no future.


I don’t blame them, though. It is hard to thrive as a Singaporean athlete here. But I guess, things have got to change. We want to be a sports hub, no? We need to change.

We used the TRX Suspension bands that Mr Bay gave us for training the very next day. Yay to future 6-packs!

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